Passion through Design

Hi! My name is Clinton Ma and you've found my game design portfolio.

There's a lot of my early work showcased here. The name of the game is growth and I am always evolving as a designer. The games that I love to play and create will transport you to exciting new worlds, engage your mind and respect your time and investment as a player.

What's New - Updated March 2014:
Progenitor's Folly - Part One goes live! What began as an innocent "Five Day Challenge" experiment with Twine rapidly ballooned into the first episode of an interactive fiction trilogy set in my Meta|Walker universe. You can play the game here or find it linked on some of your favourite IF portals.

    Tools of the trade:

  • GameMaker Studio
  • Adobe Suite
  • Microsoft Visual C# 2010
  • Tortoise SVN
  • Twine
  • Microsoft Visio
  • Balsamiq
  • UDK
  • Google Apps
    I have also used:

  • Unity 3D (level design and gameplay prototyping)
  • Mindjet Mind Manager
  • Adobe Premiere

I write about design theory on my blog The Clinton Ma Boilerplate.I am also a co-founder of the Stretch Goal Cast podcast on YouTube and I write about indie and digital card games for PlayNation.

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