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Hi! My name is Clinton and you've found my game design portfolio.

Both my latest and earlier works are showcased here. The name of the game is growth and I am always evolving as a designer. The games that I love to play and create transport you to intriguing new worlds, engage your mind and respect your time and investment as a player.

What's New - Updated January 2015:
It was my pleasure to work with SkyBox Labs last summer on two exciting projects in partnership with DeNA. One of those projects has just been released! Protocol Zero is the first FPS stealth game to be released for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and Gear VR platform. I was responsible for feature planning, UI design, user experience design and level design in Unity 3D. You can find the free demo on the Oculus Store.

Updated May 2014:
The site for my independent venture, 6 Eyed Studio went live earlier this month! Huge thanks to Irwan Kurnaedy for graciously helping out with the design and iteration of the 6 Eyed logo. Without his expertise I would still be floundering for a strong, visual identity right now.

    For the studios and projects looking for an Experienced Designer...Here's what I can do:

  • Detailed Design Documentation -- Concise, lucid and collaborative paper design at all levels from feature planning to crunchy game mechanics.
  • User Interface Design -- I have been recognized time and again for my visualization talents, demonstrated by my thorough treatment of game screens from static wireframes, flows and more interactive screen prototypes. I'm also big on User Experience design and ensuring players are welcomed into a game's world instead of thrown in haphazardly.
  • Economy and Progression Systems -- I can develop the proper rewards, resources and behaviour loops to keep players captivated with your game.
  • Content Design -- How do your game's mechanics come alive? I have designed levels in UDK and Unity3D and designed an entire mission system for a social collectible card game. I love to flex my creative muscle by developing characters, stories and dialogue as well as designing devious challenges for the player.
  • Scripting -- Coding is a means to an end and affords me a lot of freedom to test out ideas and deliver quality designs in a tangible form. I've worked with UnrealScript, Kismet, C#, Javascript, Twine and GML.

I write about game design theory on my blog The Clinton Ma Boilerplate.I was also a co-founder of the Stretch Goal Cast podcast on YouTube and I used to write about indie and digital card games for PlayNation.

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